At Boston, MA. Photo credit to Yunzhu Li.

"I was born in Beijing, China. My Chinese name is 肖思佳 (Xiao Si Jia)."

"I’m a Hip-Hop/Jazz dancer."

"My favorite books include: Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, 1Q84, Three Body, The Da Vinci Code, etc."

Hi, I’m Sijia. Welcome to my website and take a second to know about me.

My Journey in HCI

My Journey in HCI started when I was a computer science student specializing in information visualization. Here I discovered that the way of storytelling can deeply impact how people interpret the data. I wanted to be a good storyteller to bring the impact of technology to more people in the world.

In order to gain knowledge in UX design and research, I volunteered at HCI labs. I contributed my coding and information visualization skills to "exchange" the knowledge in UX. Gradually, I gained myself the chance to design and conduct user experiments and finally took charge of them. My experiences finally brought me to an UX design internship in Amazon.

Right now I’m pursuing my master degree in HCI at Georgia Tech. I’m also a research assistant working with Prof. Amy Bruckman on visualizing human trafficking trajectory to help the law enforcement reveal criminal activities.

What I like about HCI

I like communicating with people. I enjoy the process of uncovering unexpected human emotions and behaviors, which makes me stay humble and curious about the diversity of human-beings.

I like the flexibility of design process. As a junior designer, I’m trying to learn the rules in UX design as well as take the courage to break the rules. I remind myself to stay curious and creative so that expertise won’t become a deficiency that hinder my growth.

Last but not least - it’s the thing that makes me happy. How simple and intuitive it is! Actually I don’t have an answer for the exact reason why I love HCI, but what I do know is that I like to think about those design problems when I'm walking on the road, when I’m waiting for the bus, and I’m willing to use my spare time to listen to design podcasts and read blogs. I feel grateful that I find my true passion here. It makes me feel happy and peaceful when I’m growing every day in the field I love.

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