Redesgin Deal of the Day

Create better local user experience for Amazon mobile app

In the trend of globalization, while following the design guideline and providing a consistent experience is important, design should also accommondate with local users' preference. During my internship in Amazon, I redesigned Deal of the Day on mobile app to adapt to Chinese customer's shopping behavior, which led to the improvement of click-through rate by 8% on Black Friday.


Nov. 2016 - Dec. 2016


Amazon @ Beijing, China

My Role

Interface design, Survey design, Data Analysis, Negotiate with programmers for implementation, Report findings in marketing department


Product Manager | UX designer | UX researcher | Senior Development Engineers

Research Method



Sketch, Axure, Amazon Proof of Concept system


Competitive Analysis

- Amazon China’s mobile interface follows the global guideline — simple, neat, emphasizes the product itself. However, traditional interfaces of Chinese retailers usually emphasize on selling points using banners, descriptions, recommendations from other buyers, etc. Also, traditional interfaces use color to emphasize on certain elements as well as arouse customers’ emotions.
- Traditional interfaces are crowded with information and may lead to lack of focus, especially for customers familiar with Amazon’s style.

DOTD designs


The key idea is to adapt to Chinese customer’s expectation by indicating more seling points. At the same time, the page should follow the design guideline of Amazon so that the page is compatible with connecting pages.
I first conducted a small survey with people around to investigate in people’s purchase incentives on Black Friday. The top 2 focuses are price and quality. People expect discount on Black Friday, but worried that they may get defective products or fake as cost.
Based on competitive analysis, traditional interfaces incorporates elements to show selling points (price and quality) as well as arouse people’s emotion by creating the atmosphere of shopping celebration. I designed 3 versions to combine different key factors:

design alternatives


survey questions

The survey is conducted among 500 Amazon employees and 94 answers were back.

Data Analysis - quantitative

quantitative analysis

Data Analysis - qualitative

quantitative analysis

Decision Rationale

People like version C the least so it is eliminated first. People like A most (48%) while similar number of people like B (40%). However, there are more people dislike version A (32%) compared to version B (14%). It seems that version B is the safer choice.
However, after digging into the reason why people like or dislike those versions, it can be found that people dislike A mostly for the lack of description, but people who dislie B give a variety of reasons. Therefore, I add longer descriptions to A and make it the final version.

Final Delivery

DOTD coutribute to 8.9% of mobile gateway’s profit on Black Friday, which nears 1/3 of profit on gateway’s key zone (29.8%).